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Sweet rig tunamelt! I’ve never played an SG with P90’s. I had Seymore Duncan p-90’s that fit humbucker slots but changed back to humbuckers with a split coil.

One thing I did not like was that the pickups in parallel cancelled hum. It made me always gravitate towards the middle position when playing overdriven tones. However, some of the best tones were the pickups individually.

I played the PRS soap bar – II and liked it, but it too cancelled hum in the middle position. I want the hum!

How do you like the SG Classic?

"tunamelt " wrote:
Here is my guitar porn:

i run two amps my Twin Reverb 65 RI for clean and Marshall JCM 900 SLX 100watt/1960A4X12 cab for getting dirty, not shown is my pedal board which contains a bOSS tu-2>Crybaby 535Q WAH>BIG MUFF (EH)>SMALL CLONE>MXR PHASE 90> guitar. The current guitar i use the most is a Gibson SG classic with P90 pickups.