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The pedals change regularly though. About 1/2 the pedals are gone and my Big Muff is boxed away wrapped in plastic since I think it’s a 1970’s version.

I’ve been playing 20 years though so have collected most the guitars over time. Darker SG was given to me by a room mate and the white SG was $400 probably because of the Floyd Rose though. Fender was $179 back in 1986. So I ain’t rich, the Dr Z was the biggest set back and the best thing I’ve bought.

After all this, my recommendation is get one good loud clean tube amp, a good humbucker guitar wired to split the coils (this way you get 2 guitars in one) and a pedal or 2 and you’ll be happy.

I play this stuff a lot but probably should put 1/2 of it up for sale.