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Randy Jane

Sooo…I just bought another Strat off of Ebay last night. It’s a double fat Squier Strat. White with w/b/w pickguard, maple neck and fingerboard. I’m thinking about modding it a bit of course….I can’t leave anything alone. I want this Strat to be very "hot". I’m going to leave the humbuckers in it I think….I usually like the stock Squier pickups pretty well. I’m thinking about painting it black and painting the pickguard black too. That way when I beat a lot of the paint off of it (soon after painting it and while playing it out places too) because I really like the way that looks. I like painted pickguards when the paint gets knocked off. I dont know what I’ll do to it. It was $99 buy it now so……ehhh. ?? I almost bought a Fullerton Movibe….really nice guitars and only like around $220, not bad at all. I dont know, I just really like strats, so I now own three of them…..again.