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"FU " wrote:
What do you want? I can find anything. Seriuosly. I just bought another blackface(66) showman head for $400.
It’s loud as hell, tube, vintage and indestructible(if you don’t put the wrong tubes in it!). Send me a PM and I’ll find what you’re looking for at the price you want to pay.

Those Carvin heads with the four or five band eq’s are the STEAL of the year. All you guys pining for those awesome, but overpriced 800’s should try them out. They can be bought for like $200. 100 watts, some close to plexi circuits and totally undervalued. You could have two stacks, just like our man J, for under $1000.

The key is to get to know the shops and the people who work there. Don’t "f" around. be knowledgable about what you’re looking for(prices, problems, recent sales). Let people know what you’re looking for. Don’t dick around on price. haggle, but know what you’re buying, so the negotiation is short and smooth.Do not be afraid to walk away. Do not be afraid to pull the trigger. Have cash. Money talks, BS walks. I’m willing to bet that there is good vintage stuff where you are. But like anywhere, the best stuff never hits the showroom floor. That’s why you’ve gotta network. My guys call me when things I’m looking for come in. I se them before they hit floor and usually walk out with a reasonable, if not great deal. And there’s always Ebay…but I’m not giving up all secrets that easily.

I’m not looking for anything at the moment, but it just pisses me off how everything is so limited around here. There is like 3 shops aroud here and they all have either digital amps or buget amps or really expensive ones.

Yeah Ebay is being really annoying in these past few months, none of the sellers want to ship to Europe and the stuff is getting exepensive. The only store that has Fender amps near me has only 4, which is think is bad for the shop…