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Randy Jane

Ebay is getting more expensive. YOu can’t just go on there like I used to and buy a guitar for $25 after shipping anymore. (the guitars like that that I bought worked at that time too). However, if you know what you’re looking for, projects, damaged, as is, etc. YOu can get a nice Gibson guitar with no hardware or anything, just body and neck for like $250, not too bad. There are TONS of great deals there you just have to find them. A lot of people can’t spell, keep that in mind too, for instance if you go on there right now and look for a Squier guitar, you’ll find a lot. If you look for a Squire guitar though, you’ll find about the same amount, but they aren’t as much. There was a nice Marshall JCM800 B cab in the shop not too long ago and they only wanted $300 just to get it out of there. They have so much new stuff that old amps and guitars don’t have much room anymore. All these kids want new guitars like their friends, but could easily have better guitars if they only new.
Just like me for instance, I have a full stack. The stack doesn’t match, but whatever! The Marshall Mosfet head was $225 on Ebay, the Laney 412 top cab was $94 at the guitar shop and the Yamaha 412 bottom cab was $50 at a different shop. Now granted I still have to buy three more 12’s for my bottom cab, but that’s a full stack for: $369!

Marshall Mosfet, basically it was designed to sound like a tube Marshall. The tone is very similar to a JCM800, the volume is that of a SS amp though. It will get friggen LOUD though, but not like a tubed 800. It’s 50W @ 8ohms and 100W @ 4ohms. I have only tried mine with one cab so far and it is loud. The reverb is by far the best spring reverb I’ve ever heard. You can get a ton of different styles with it, Surf, Country, Metal, Punk…whatever you want, I’ve done any style that I want to play on it (and I play any style that comes to my mind, mainly punk and blues and some funk here and there). The amp wont let you down especially for the price. There was another Mosfet at the guitar shop here right after I bought mine for $200. I almost bought it, but I didn’t because I didn’t know how to work the amp and get more than one crappy tone. You’ll hate the amp until you figure it out.