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Ouchy the clown is very wrong.

ovation s/a, beat up, but beautiful
crafter fsg 250E – cheap ‘n’ good

aria pro ii XL
PRS McCartney – custom (oh my god)

Fender Precision Bass

Premier 5 piece, dbl bass drum, 2 hi’s, 2 zildjian, 3 cymbs, 8 toms, 3 rota’s – finally recovered from an old landlord from uni, upset that I owed him about three large on rent.

zoom 506ii for the precision
boss gt3
zoom 303
whole loada marshall shit

never worked for a clown to get it, and sure as hell never been spoiled. sold my soul to the capitalist whores of London, but gets me nice stuff. and keeps me in booze and weed. sweeeeeeeeeeeet.