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okay normally i don’t do this but
stuff i have (or had) and like/liked:

1970 50 w plexi
1970 greenbacks cab
1978 deluxe reverb
70s vox ac30 but (sold too cheap)
vox practice amp (stolen)
danelectro practice amp
colorsound reissue wah swell
roger mayer wah (stolen)
foxx downmachine vol wah
jen doublesound fuzz wah (broken)
rams head muff (broken, dang)
black red muff (chickenhead knobs)
colorsound overdriver
mayer voodoo axe fuzz
clone theory
fender blender
gary hurst fuzz king
67 coronado I
63 jazzmaster
70-somewhat jazzmaster (sold it)
65 Lseries jaguar
64 jaguar (stolen)
50s reissue strat & 2 old mustangs (sold’em)
rickenbacker stereo bass
danelectro bass
ibanez wau wau
ibanez standard fuzz
juno 106
e-mu sp12
sci studio 440
several standard effects

when i first saw mbv, sy and dino i had to get the jag/jazz things
when i first saw nirvana i had to get the mustangs
when i first saw daft punk i bought the electronic stuff
wish i hadn’t been so much into the star-power thing
it’s all pretty neat stuff but i feel i should have put
more effort in playing than collecting
still can’t play a decent solo :oops: