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Taylor 614 in Transparent Purple!, Taylor 455 12string,Taylor 710 Koa,Guild Bluesbird,Guild Barry Gibb model(dont laugh, it was a gift!),’78 Les Paul Special re-finished in Sparkle Purple,’73 Strat, Danelectro 12 string in Sparkle Purple,84 Gibson Explorer, 4 mexican strats including a "Roland Ready" Strat, ’92 Strat Plus,’97 Tele Plus-Deluxe,’57 Eko archtop,and various Yamaha(3),Carvin,Godin,Tiesco Del-Ray(2),Ibanez(5),Harmony,Fender(9 including the above),Epiphone,Danelectro(2),Ovation,Peavey(2),unknown (3). :mrgreen:

Please note that i have been collecting these over a 15 year period,and i work as a full-time musician,so any gear is a tax write off!(what an excuse to get more gear)