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Randy Jane

I have way to many things that I dont use as much as I should…..(like my mandolin, dobro, organ and keyboard). The things I use the most though, are:
Amps: Peavey Sessionbass head with a Peavey 410 cab. Fender Sidekick 15 Reverb combo, and my ’72 Fender Princeton Reverb combo with an old 60s Ampeg 1×15 cab under it (great sounds).
Guitars: Squier Strat and Tele. ’74 Mustang, and ’71 Hiflier. (I have like four Harmony’s too, but usually use those just for recording <img> ). My main acoustic guitar is my ’87 Martin D-2832 A/E (sounds crappy through every amp ive heard it through though).
Effects: Black Big Muff Reissue, Dod Grunge (yeah yeah) Dod Chorus, and Dunlop Crybaby and Volume.
And my P.A. I dont get to play my drums that much either, but I have those too.

Before anyone starts this, oh hes a spoiled brat kid…..no, I worked for like three years with a clown for that stuff. Some of it was Christmas and Birthday stuff but I worked for most of it…helps not driving..hehehe.