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This is the equipment I use when practising with my band:

amp: Marshall valvestate 100.
one cleane channel end two distortion channels.

guitar: jazzmaster 63 (original except refinished)
effects: Pearl "thriller" a kind of filter/eq

Guitars I have…- but merely don’t use in other occasions than when I’m alone in my room.

Tokay Strat
(dark red finish on both body and neck)looks cool, but doesn’t stay in tune. I think I should change the bridge.)

Ibanez s540
the perfect guitar when you dig Steve Vai and Satriani and try to play like them.

HONDO les paul
Oh man , this guitar sucks.

EFFECTS I have but don’t usally feel like using:
boss chorus
EH Clone Theory
boss overdrive (yellow box)
sovetek big muff
bosstone fuzz