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don’t think i am truly prepared for this pissing contest, i still squat when i pee…
gorgeous ovation folk balladeer
marginal ovation celebrity
takamini something
one ugly fretless bass
loverly seagull folk acoustic
a gremlin, not the car the guitar
wicked old banjo my nana played in the 20’s
just learnin’ classical cello(really it is my house-mate’s)
penny whistle, kazoo, tambourine, cow bell and ancient bongos… there is a bit more but my wish list is thus:
any rickenbocker any condition
mandolin(potential b-day gift this year)
and eventually i’s gonna get me a 12 string, dunno have not met her yet…
oh mebbe a manjo too
and someday a drum kit, cuz i have not played drums since like i dunno 6th grade or somethin’
by the way i also collect old books and my drug of choice is music so to keep that monkey satisfied i spend way too much time and $$ at the local record shop, that and the guy who owns the shop is soooo groovy. i pine. i want. i wait.