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stuart _c

My gear has accumulated over about 10 or more years, I started getting more gear again this year. Most of it was bought as not working, just plain junk. As I got them cheap fixed them so it really didn’t cost that much at all.

All the pedals are Electro Harmonix stuff, usually their easy to repair and maintain. Reference material schematics etc, is easy to get and 95% of the parts are readily available.

The pedals have cost a lot less than new gear. It’s great I didn’t have to pay the big vintage prices and they now all work properly.

It funny or maybe not but even the stuff in guitar shops for hundreds of dollars is often noisy, broken or not bypassing properly.

Some vintage stuff can be a little noisy but most of the time a lot of noise means a broken pedal.

I’ve got is heaps more stuff but I’ve just started a new band and this list is whats usually on my pedal boards.

I’ve been using:

‘65 Fender Mustang
’65 Duo Sonic

Crying Tone Wha, Wha

Bass Balls
Y Triggered Filter
Octave Mulitiplexer
Big Muff PI ’74
Big Muff PI ’78
Little Big Muff
Soul Preacher

Small Stone
Bad Stone
Small Clone
Clone Theory
Deluxe Electric Mistress
Deluxe Memory Man

Switch/Blade (as an on/off)

60 watt Marshall all vale combo

The amp is a fairly new about less than 10 years old and new Marshall it isn’t great.

Thanks Stu