Last year he was playing with Caustic Resin and of course working with Mark Lanegan. He supposedly is working on a new solo album but I’m not sure when or what label will put it out since Up Records has apparently just become a catalog label. I saw this blurb in an article about Lanegan’s latest album (is this old news?):
"Speaking of Mike Johnson how do you feel about him heading out with J. Mascis and the Stooges guitarist Ron Ashton on a tour that sees their set split down the middle between Dinosaur Jr. songs and Stooges ones? " Hell I’ve being trying to get Ron to do that with me for years now. So it was a pretty big surprise when I found out he was doing that with Mascis. I always seemed to just miss off him when he was in town or when he was here he didn’t seem that much interested. Great idea though". http://www.wow.ie/music2/editorial/mint1816.cfm