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Some of my favorites to play/sing–

Dinosaur Jr, "Can’t We Move This". I play it acoustically and really slow. I also capo it up about 7 or 8 frets or something, so I can do it in kinda a medium range…talk about a song that makes me cry when I sing it…One of my best recordings of myself is this cover. I was getting over a cold, but somehow it came out just right.

Reverend Horton Heat, "Unlucky in Love". This is kind of an uptempo rockabilly song; again, I slow it down, and it comes out completely different, almost haunting. The words are just so raw…"my first love left me all alone/ my second love cut me to the bone/ my third, fourth and fifth, lord, tell me up above/ why am I unlucky in love"

Fiona Apple, "A Mistake". One of the best for me; not only is it a fantastic and kickass song, but her range is really close to mine, so I can sing it strongly & comfortably. Took me forever to figure out on guitar, but well worth the effort.

Usher, "My Way". Dude. Yes, the teenybopper r&b guy. Such great lyrics, 4 chords, right on. Ditto for my "Baby One More Time" cover, which, by the way, can be seamlessly integrated with "Genie in a Bottle". <img>

Songs I would love to learn–

Grant Lee Buffalo, "Lone Star Song"; Culture Club, "Do You Really Wanna Hurt Me; Marilyn Manson, "Great Big White World"; Madonna, "Secret".