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Keith, I’m assuming your Pro Reverb uses 6V6 type power tubes…

The new Electro-Harmonix 6V6GT tubes distributed by Sovtek work really well in Fender amps and they’re pretty cheap too. Less than $20 American (a lot less if you shop around.) It’s about time too, it’s been very hard in recent years to find decent 6V6’s. Fender amps drive them a bit harder than other amps, so they would die alot quicker.

Don’t bother with the Groove Tubes either, there expensive and are usaully just relabeled Sovteks. The older kind, I had one of these die on me after a couple of weeks.

I’m assuming that you know to rebias your power tubes when you change them. You could blow your power transformer if your not careful… And that’d be really expensive.

Sovteks preamp tubes have worked pretty well so far as well.

A fuse shouldn’t be hard to locate at all, just make sure you got the right kind. It won’t cost much at all (less than a buck.)

Here’s a link that has a lot of good tube amp info… http://www.geofex.com

Here’s a site that sells just about anything you’d need for an old amp… http://www.ampwares.com/ I haven’t bought anything from them yet, but they look legit.

As far as effects go, I hate just about everything made by DOD. I’m using a BOSS DD-3 digital delay that I’m pretty happy with. It is digital though, and thus sounds nothing like tape delay. Anything by BOSS is gonna cost, but you could just about run over a BOSS pedal with a tank and still take it to your gig. They don’t like to break.

As far as pickups for a Mexican Strat, I’m still in the middle of that discision my self.


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