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well to get back to topic this is what j uses:
J uses the following guitars: ’58 fender telecaster, ’61 sg-shaped les paul jr, or ’64 fender jazzmaster.

J also uses a mxr blue box, electro-harmonix big muff, groove tubes trio preamp, soldano preamp, vox wah pedal, electro-harmonix electric mistress flanger, electro- harmonix clone theory, electro-harmonix small clone, electro-harmonix memory man, roger mayer axis fuzz, roger mayer supervibe- to amps.

well maby it´s the same things that is on the guitargeek site..I dunno…haven´t checkt it out

then I think you should check out this link…It´s pretty interesting about J and his equipment http://www.insidetheweb.com/messageboard/mbs.cgi?acct=mb388380&MyNum=963156619&P=Yes&TL=962597922