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Hey Satanic Dodge Ball guy!

You should get some Seymore Duncan Jazzmaster replacement pick ups and put them on your mexican Strat!

Get THREE of them. They are supposidly "Hum canceling." So you would get two bridge and one neck or two neck and one bridge. You can get them in three models: Vintage, Hot wound, and quarter pounder. Maybe get one and try it. They cost about $55.00. Folks get a Japanese jazzmaster and replace the stock pick ups as they are said to be a little weak. I have read on Jazzmaster forums that folks get a Vintage for the neck and a hot wound for the bridge.

I got one and have been fooling around with it. I like the sound.

But you will have to order pick-up covers as they don’t come with the pick-up. And maybe you will have problems attaching it….

What I am doing is I bought a cheap old 63 Harmony jazzmaster look alike (or a mini Jazzmaster… A Jizzcaster.) I plan to put the replacement pic-ups on it. It has it’s own unique (vintage?) Harmoney pick-up and it’s own sound but I am bored with it.

The vintage Jazzmaster pick-up is not quite as hot as the Harmoney pick-ups. but I want to make a new pick guard for it so I have to take it apart anyway.