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<BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by hager:

<snip>1. Has anyone actually compared the vintage EH effects with the newer (easier to find and cheaper) reissues?
2. Am I wrong in assuming all Fenders are, like my father’s, wide-necked? I like as narrow a neck as possible.

THANKS! Listening to Turnip Farm right now…YOW!!!


Can’t answer question #1. But, i’ve found Fenders (strats) difficult to play after playing a Gibson. not only does the neck seem different, but the fretboard doesn’t seem as flat. strats almost feel like they’ve got a concave neck (to me). but, you’ll get used to it. its almost kind of fun to have to fight with it to play what you could play very easily on a gibson/epiphone neck.