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I admit defeat. I will be sticking with my Epiphone for a few years at least, but I have been scouring the web tonight looking for vintage EH effects. eBay is crawling with tons of J’s gear (at least the stuff he showcased in Max Guitar magazine in July 97.)
vintage big muff pi’s, memory man, poly chorus, elctric mistress, and the clone theory. Guess I’ll start picking up a few things here and there, it’s not as expensive as I thought. As for the Epi, maybe some new pickups are warranted eventually, but the things plays solid and has ultra-smooth action, so I can hang on to it.
Can anyone respond to two questions I have?
1. Has anyone actually compared the vintage EH effects with the newer (easier to find and cheaper) reissues?
2. Am I wrong in assuming all Fenders are, like my father’s, wide-necked? I like as narrow a neck as possible.

THANKS! Listening to Turnip Farm right now…YOW!!!


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