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Thank you thats very helpful… actually this guitar store I went to after I posted showed me a Deluxe Nashville Tele with a Tex-Mex strat sandwhiched in between two tex-mex tele pickups… I don’t know.. I played it and it sounded wonderful. I guess I’ll have to keep on playing more and trying out more. I can get this for 429…. which isn’t a bad price at all.

Also… I have a big muff, small stone phaser, a hendrix fuzzwah, and dod delay pedal…. don’t you think I should get a compression/sustain pedal? Will it be noticable enough to warrent buying? Oh.. another thing… the options as far as wah are very limited on the one I have now. What wah pedals do you recommend? There are many that say the digitech whammy pedal is great… but i dunno.

Also… I have a fender cab.. is there a huge difference between regular and celestion speakers? The guitar salesman said theres a world of difference. Thank you..