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Ok… here’s the original guy.. heres the status. I’ve been researching lately and managed to go to various shops trying to find just the right guitar. I’m still as confused as ever…. Whats the real difference between a tele and a strat? If I wanted better pickups couldn’t I just put new ones in the mex strat I have? If I did what type of pickups? Musician friend has fender Lace sensors…. Look… I’ve gotten to be a decent guitar player… but I never picked up on the gear side of things. I don’t want to spend more then 600 bucks to go to the next step. I love j’s sound… but pavement and sonic youth’s sound too. I try to incorporate a lot in the way of lead guitar into my songs and I really want that to stand out when I’m playing live or recording. I want the lead to be very distinctive(with alot of sustain and high end)…. but on rhythm I want to be able to have a nice sound as well. Help me out guys… the last salesman was trying to get me to buy a peavey guitar w/ two humbuckers. I’m straying away from humbuckers. Oh by the way… I HATE DOD effects… specifically multi effect pedals. I’ve had a couple before I realized that analog is the way to go. Oh.. which is better the memory man or the boss D-5 delay pedal? Would a compression/sustain pedal help me?