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ok, we can all settle down. everything is fine. my only point was that nice gear exists, and nice gear should be a goal for a guitar playing fella, but it should not overshadow, one’s abilities and take over the fun of making music. But still nice gear is better then not nice gear.

In regards to the reports about J. using boss delays and ibanez tube screamers. I believe, I think J. has become more professional, and conventional in his old age. However, about the Digital delay? Well digital is digital delay no matter how many seconds you’ve got. He does drench all of his guitar in analog delay, I know that. I’m not so hot on tube screamers, they are little too SRV. does anyone know anything about the new marshall JH-1 Jackhammer pedal, anyone have one? any review?

and Keith: My set ups change for the occasion and the people I’m playing with. When I’m by self lately, I have been playing my american standard strat and working on my straight blues licks, and I play straight through a MXR dyna comp into a new Ampeg superjet with tremolo. When I play with my rock outfit, I try to remain pure. I play my telecaster deluxe and my jaguar (with seymour duncan vintage coils at neck) through a mesa-boogie DC-5. For the rock I use a super fuzz pedal and a budda wah, and I have a clone theory, and memory man. When I play with my experimental-noise outfit. I play and break my junkshop guitars; teisco’s and 60’s japanese bombers I have found for under 100$ over the years…this is my favorite set-up because I rarely even use a strap, the guitar is merely a gestural controller for my FX Xtravaganza…this is where anything goes. flanges, digital delay, digitech whammy and space station, EH microsynth, boss EQ’s, Voodoo labs tremolo pedal, the peff-tronics rand-o-matic, other distortions by boss (I love my Xtortion and blues driver), tech 21 XXL thingy, turbo rat, the jimi hedrix octave fuzz unit, and 3 dunlop wah’s that keep on breaking. I play all these guys through an ampeg B2 bass amp and 4X10 cab, because I think bass amps have a cleaner and less colored sound, and let the pedals do the talking!

This is how I play. I love to play.

thanks everyone for making my work day more fun…on this lil’ discussion group!