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yeah, yeah, yeah…play your heart out, if you got talent you’ll great on any guitar.
good for you.
and I know all about the vintage guitar market, and the story about the strat…whooppeee.


Why doesn’t anyone realize here, that the FACT is, J doesn’t play crappy equipment!! crappy equipment is just that. crappy.

and you know what. you SHOULD have a few day-glo BC Rich’s, I have this yellow jackson guitar that I love to play heavy metal riffs on, and Ibanez Roadstars are great guitars, everyone should have a few of those.

BUt still the fact is, when you listen to Dinosaur Jr. you are listening to nice amps, and nice guitars…things happen for a reason. and vintage Big Muffs cost 175$ because they sound very nice.

I know that guitar is all about talent, and innate hearing abilities before it is about vintage equipment. But then, once you’ve played your epiphone les paul for 4 years, and you’ve got some money, and you play a 60’s telecaster…you realize that you do sound better.
Once you can play the guitar, and you love it, and you play 3 hours a day, and you have songs, and you can shred, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have as many guitars as you want, nice ones and crappy ones.

I mean, the things are out there, try them. You are a player after all…it sounds like you fellas are ignoring this. Don’t ignore your heart. PLay your guitar, and buy a new one every month.

PS. has anyone in here ever broken a guitar?
I mean on purpose, while they are
playing it? Just wondering?