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I can’t believe, this, you guys are actually talking about Rocktek pedals and Zoom multi-effects pedals…in a dinosaur jr. message board, that’s like going to some wine lovers chat room, and talk about miller high life.

please people. do not ever buy multi effects processors unless you are recording with them, never plug the output of a multi-effects processor into the input of an amp.

I mean really, what is this, the korn message boards…pretty soon we’ll start hearing about some dude’s 7-string ibanez and laney amp.

you can get big muff’s new for 50$ -get on of those instead of multi effect unit.

the whole reason why dinosaur jr. exists is because j mascis has good taste. you’ve got to have good taste…or else you’ll find yourself hanging out in mall guitar store, thinking about buying a boss digital dely pitchshifter, and dreaming about that boss me-30 with flange, chorus and auto-wah and delay and 19 types of distortion.

seriously, you’ve got to make good choices when it comes to the gear you make music with. I’m not saying spend thousands of dollars, I’m just saying that you are what you play!