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hey again…I’m sorry if I’m writing too much
but I just want to say that there are plenty of good deals on great gear out there.

I just won a vintage electro-harmonix poly chorus pedal for 128$ on ebay yesterday.

also if you go to gbase.com (not an advertisement) you can find any guitar ever.

I have a lot of vintage stuff, but I have been a collector/player since 1994. I have a 1966 Jaguar, a ’78 telecaster deluxe, a 70’s coronado, a american standard strat, 2 60’s mustangs (severely beaten), a mosrite hollowbody, a hagstrom III, and various 100$ teisco’s…also I’m working on getting a 1980 Les Paul Pro with P-90’s because I want some gibsons…

if you want cool vintage guitars, you should look into old teisco’s because they are super cheap but sound very cool.

I don’t think it is impossible to get nice old guitars, and I think that 2,000$ for a custom colored jazzmaster is a fine price, 5 years ago they were about 1400-1800$

amps are where I don’t think its worth getting vintage. because new mesa boogies sound very good, and are quieter and more reliable then 60s marshalls. also the ampeg super jets are just as good as any vintage amps, I think all new fenders are crud, but budda amps sound better then blackface fenders.

I don’t think that if you want something, you shouldn’t have it, because you’ll just go on wanting it, and it will eat at you.
I think if you have a dream you should go for it.

even if it means eating on 20$ a week.