Lou was an orderly at a nursing home and he recorded some old dude. check it out

CM: Who’s the old woman yelling at you on the second side of "The Freed Man"?
LOU:- I used to he an orderly at a nursing home and I taped everybody and she’s this woman who hated me – just hated me! And I used to tape her.
CM: That’s where you recorded the piece in the middle of "In A Jar", right?
LOU: Yeh, that was a guy who was being washed in a swirling bath and was senile so he was Convinced he was dying so he was screaming so I exploited it to its
fullest and put it in a song.

"I’m drowning I’m drowning"
this is probably the most valuable interview I’ve ever read as to what was really going on in Dinosaur Jr or what J is really like (unless Lou was unfairly bashing him)
I think tapes refers more to poledo which was made with two tape recorders.

The movie you were thinking of was probably taxi driver "i’ll kill you, i’ll kill you, crazy son of a bitch"

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