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Javro, -I have given it considerable thought! Have opted for miserable life in cold norway, instead of miserable life in warm prison cell. I’m not sure if you’re interested in my personal dilemmas(or if I spelled that correctly,) but the problem that’s been eating my world is if this "is it" or not. Is she THE ONE or not. Is it best to call it quits, she speaks japanese, english, french and german fluently -she’s finishing her degree on international marketing. The chances that she’ll settle for a job in norway while I’m finishing my studies is pretty slim(as I view it anyways.) That means at least another year of longdistance relationship. Can I go for that with all my heart and soul when I’m not sure if she’s THE ONE? I dunno. And it KILLS me.
OK, enough worries from Robert! To Anyone who had a miserable time reading this post -I apologize!