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I will be banging my head against the nearest wall, cursing myself for spending hundreds of dollars on family members who’ve spent $4 on presents for me that will arrive in February. You’d think I’d learn, after all these years. I guess I just like giving cool things to people.

And I know that it really is the thought that counts, but what am I supposed to think of small, late thoughts? It’s depressing.

Joy to the world.

I will try to make the best of my snowless Christmas; maybe drive up to Tahoe or something so I can see a few flakes (and maybe some snow). I also plan on cooking up a large meatless meal, and maybe some Buckeyes (rice krispies & peanut butter, rolled into balls & covered with chocolate). I may even go to Macy’s. I love that cinnamon stuff they spray during the Christmas season.

I enjoy Christmas, I really do. I’m just in a crummy mood; probably not the best time to be writing this.

You guys rock. I hope all you Freaks make the most of this holiday season. I’m not a practicing Christian, but I think that the holiday has come to be more about family & friends anyway. And you guys are the best.