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buckingham rabbit

i don’t know if i can say that any album actuallly changed my life. but, with that in mind:

crooked rain, crooked rain by pavement. when this came out and i saw the video for ‘cut your hair’, i just thought ‘holy shit’. here were a bunch of guys that were just normal guys, at least in comparison to most rock star types. its like i could have been in this band. plus, the video was awesome, the song is awesome, and the album is awesome. even now this album is regarded as a classic, so its the first album of that stature that i have followed all the way. its weird when i hear people say they just got into that album recently or a few years ago because it has been a big part of my life (relatively speaking) since it came out. the first show i even ever went to was pavement on their tour for this album. i have no musical talent, so nothing has changed my life in that way.