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BR and Robert-Crooked Rain was a amazing album,it was my fav album for 94,I bought Slanted a few weeks afterward,I`m still not sure what album is better,its pretty much a tie.
Allison-Bob Mould said the first Ramones album was his life changing record.
Tony-I think music does have that power even though it seems over the last few years I have`nt been excited over things as much as in the past,maybe I`m just getting old.
Jasper-Where You Been was the first Dino album I bought plus the first album I bought in the punk/indie genre.Nevermind changed alot of lives and gave exposure to a music that alot of people did`nt know about.Nirvana was`nt life changing to me because I already heard of Sonic Youth and the Pixies before Nirvana became big.