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Is your situation purly acustic or are you talking about a performance amplified by a PA?

It sounds like you are just talking about putting something between the mike that is amplifying your guitar and the PA you are playing trough. Just put the mike INSIDE your guitar! If that does not work ask who ever is runnig the PA to make it distort. They just have to change the volume and gain around a little. They could do it on cue if they are adventurous. Maybe not…

But I guess you want it under your control… Get some kind of pick-up. Even one of the little things you stick on the bridge (contact mike) will work. Or a humbucking pick-up made for sticking in the sound hole. I used to have a Dimarzio and was very satisfied with it. For your purpose it does not matter. A regular microphone will work even. It is not like you are playing a Marshall on ten and want to get the coils in the pickups to vibrate with feedback squeel. Any way then you stick the output into any of these silly pedles (Except avoid the pedles that just say "Distortion" on them. Those just make white noise and have no charicter in my opinion) Uhh.. Just try them out in the store. Look for "Overdrive."

But if you just play acoustic and you need an actual amp I would reccomend you get a Pig Nose. They are a cute little battery powered amp. They crank and Distort. They are CRUNCHY!!! But they are not too load. You could get some little piece of junk boom box with a mike jack and do the same thing but if you want to come across professionaly get a "Pig Nose." And you won’t need a stupid stomp box distortion pedle!

I like your idea though. I don’t think that J does a very good job of mixing acoustic with electric in these solo gigs he has been doing. He is trying to recreate what he does with a bunch of Marshall amps and a rack of effects which is a hard task. He’s just having a little fun. But it would work nicely when you just want something a little special to ad to a song or performance. If you use it sparingly it is best. That way it is a surprise and is more entertaining.

Or maybe a distorted sound is not what you want… A Chorus is cool. It is said to sound like a twelve string guitar but it really just sounds electronic. A flanger is a crazy effect! Sort of a similar sound as if you play the harmonics of a string from top to bottom. Echo might be cool. You can add what is called reverb with an echo pedle. That is basically the light echo sound of a nice big ampithearter. There are other effects but they are mainly for electric guitars.

Good Hunting!!