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K7 Rides Again

AGAP…you always come up with the craziest threads…this shit cracks me up! (in a sick sort of way…you know, you just have to laugh to deal with it kind of way). I have several so here goes…
1) it is true…I caught the work truck on fire this summer. I found the lighter in the glove box, disassembled, while on the way home from a site. Being bored, I put it back together and returned it to the proper place. 5 minutes later, the girl I’m riding with and I begin discussing how it smells like something is burning. 10 minutes later smoke begins pouring out of the dash as I watch the lighter’s rubber handle smoke, burn, and drop to the floor. I grabbed the remaing part of the lighter from the outlet (nice burn to the finger tips) and threw it to the floor where it continued smoking for some time thereafter. Luckily no major damage was done.
2)While working in a resturaunt in high school I had the excellent oppurtunity to work the meat-slicer. One Sunday (and this happens to be the only day I ever went to this job not on some sort of substance the entire time I worked there, we also used to take 5 gallon gravity hits out of the back pots and pans sink but that’s another story [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img] ) I’m running tomatoes through this thing and catch my hand on the slide pulling my ring finger right into the blade halfway to my first knuckle. Pulled it out and could see the inside of my finger (kinda of cool until I realize…yes that’s MY finger) and blood starts squirting everywhere. I have a nice scar and no feeling on the left side of the cut. Lessons learned…sue the fuck out of people who make you do illegal activities (i was too young to be operating it) like I should have and sobriety kills.
3) I nailed my thumb to a 2×4 using a nail gun, have skipped a 2 1/2" nail directly into the palm of my hand (almost passed out removing that one. They use this glue on them that makes them hold extra tight), and my buddy shot me in the stomach with one. Remember your safety glasses!
and finally…
4) My 21st birthday. All I remember is shot after shot after shot after shot (u get the idea) of Jager. Apparently, at some point, I met the guys playing that night and at some point they wished me Happy Birthday (they played the PIXIE’S carribou, so they had to be cool) and I take off for the stage, try to clear a landing, and wham! nail the railing ( that’s BOLTED to a brick wall) ripping it form the brick. Bartender/ bouncer literally pick me up and throw me out the front door onto High Street. I woke up the next day with several cracked ribs (from the railing or landing on the steps, who knows) and a drunken sickness lasting that day and the next. Alcohal poisoning anyone? Everytime I smell Jager now I still feel like puking. The mistake…letting everyone know it’s my birthday and accepting every offered drink at the bar. [img]images/smiles/converted/confused.gif[/img]