Watt is by far the best bass player I have ever seen, but Mike J was amazing. It was always a real contrast seeing him, J and Murph together. (Do you think they brought MJ in to attract a few hunnies to the gigs? Couldn’t accuse Watt of being brought in for that reason!)

Talking of MJ, there was a Dinosaur Jr track played on a Peel session a long time ago with MJ doing the vocals. I think it was called Noon at Dawn (Noon at dawn fades in just as clear, I can’t remember your name but your voice always rings in my head). Anyone know where that came from or if it is on vinyl/cd anywere?

Actually reading what I have just written doesn’t make too much sense. Noon at dawn. How the fuck can you have noon at dawn? Must have been called something else. Damn. I’ve been singing absolute rubbish for the past ten years. Would love to know what it’s called please.