Hey. Stanley from Universalbuzz here. First off I want to say thanks to everyone for the support! We are in a tough spot right now, and the more interest you guys show in us, the more likely we are to succeed in bringing you more live shows.

Some of you may have heard our radio show on your local college station. You may have noticed Ubuzz is missing from the spring program listing on your favorite station… Unfortunately due to lack of funding the only station we are producing our show for right now is WBER in Rochester NY. So the website is our main pipeline to bring the music to you. We’re looking to get back on the airwaves soon, and one of the big things the money men are looking at is our web traffic, so every show you listen to and every time you visit our site you’re helping us get back on the air. So many thanks go out to all of you.

Now to answer your questions:
Yes, we are painfully aware that Dino Jr. is no more. Being a late-era Dino fan, I am perfectly happy with what J is doing right now (and hooking up with Mike Watt and Bob Pollard is definitely a ++++).

Yes, the System of a Down people are spamming the vote a bit, but I will take their multiple votes out of consideration before the final tally is done. You can only vote once every hour or so, so if it comes up with the "Cheater" message, try again later.

The voting usually goes 2 weeks but I am extending it due to my own busy-ness with the holidays. The voting will end on January 7.

Yeah, the shows are archived. Definitely go to the bands section and listen to some of the other shows. We have like 200 or so samples up right now, and like 15 live shows.

Thanks again for the support and keep it up. We need all the help we can get.

Stanley from Ubuzz….

(Disclaimer: This is not my day job, I do this for free just cuz I love the music and love getting into shows for free every now and then.)