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Never did have a discman so I would`nt know about the convience of taking cd`s with you.They are convient in their size for storing as oppossed to records.
Jewel cases I think are the best to put them in,the cardboard type can be the most friggin annoying things on earth,I swore so many times at the damn Shellac cd "At Action Park" for not fitting into my cd rack!Of course Albini problably did that on purpose because he hates cd buyers(he calls them sub human scum)If I could get Shellac on vinyl I would but they don`t have it here and I don`t like mail ordering.
Last year I bought the Matador 10th anniversary 3 cd set;when I sold it to a used store the guy said the cd`s were scratched because of the packaging;the way I was sliding in the discs caused them to scratch.