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…. and here’s my go at it in English <img>

Style: Indie God

Those, who once succumbed to the charm of J Mascis will probably never be able again to say something bad about the man. Since years – first with Dinosaur Jr., then on solo paths – the gentleman cuddles us with Indie Pop rock songs: Those songs with their cranky guitar tunes and the characteristic nasal singing capture the ears by and by and any possible criticism recoils without effect.
Those who always complain could say that the man doesn’t permit any progress in his music for years – as long as he sneaks kindhearted into the ears like that, no fan would critisize it.
Even if this record will possibly need some more time to take its place inside the ears, compared to its predecessors – songs like Everybody Let Me down (the best Song, which <Wishbone> Ash never wrote) or the wonderful exhilerating Freedom are simply the best kind of "rocking ear candy". Marvellous, like always.

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