Gave this thread an hour yesterday to gather more info. Unfortunately, I have not "struck gold" yet in clarifiying the ties to J. For that matter, I do not know how much more I should dig into this. The feeling I get is that this is info that might not be readily accessible for a reason. The last thing I want to do is piss people off over this, be it J, the admin or anyone else. I surmise this might become very sensitive if explored too deeply. The intent all along was to improve my own knowledge and perhaps maintain or embellish upon the historical trail J has blazed in his performing times that this board has so wonderfully documented. Any feedback at all would be appreciated, good, bad or neutral.

As for latest findings, Larry Lifeless was listed playing for a band called Kilslug and another called Angry Hate with a gentleman named Seth Putnam of a band called AC. Also, Upsidedown Cross was still playing as of 1999. For an article on them, go to http://www.worcesterphoenix.com/archive/music/99/08/20/ON_THE_ROCKS html. The article also mentions a multiband event called MAFIO. Any info on that would be nice as well.

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