Well, I’m glad everyone is okay, but I could have done without the political "insight" of a professional musician. George W is basically a power mongering big-government-aholic, as has every Democrat and Republican since anyone can remember. There is nothing wrong with greed and selfishness…serving your own self-interest is healthy, and it assures that no one else has to carry your ass and do it for you. All the stupid liberal voodoo about being altruistic and self-sacrificing is the cause of all the evil institutional (and forced) redistribution of wealth taking place in America. I have to look out for you because you are looking out for your neighbor who is busy looking out for his neighbor…it never ends, all at the point of a gun. The government is enslaving us to eachother. Things cost too much in America not because of the greed of businessmen, but because of the overregulation by the government. It’s an indisputable fact. Yeah, I hate George W, too…but no more that I hated Clinton, Gore or any of the other evil big-government fucks. Wake up people. Read some Ayn Rand and stop swallowing all this bullshit brotherly-love propaganda. Everyone agrees with me when I start talking about personal freedom and the freedom to do what you choose if you don’t hurt anyone else…and then all the people around me who seem to agree go and vote for the big-governent, prohibition-happy, freedom-stomping Democraps. Talk about being blind…they are as much the "establishment" as any Republican ever was.

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