K7 Rides Again

don’t even get me started on bad drivers. if you want to experience the worst drivers ever, try ohio sometime. people here don’t turn on red. they do 55 in the passing lane and don’t get over to let faster traffic through. they are notorious for getting next to someone and doing the same speed. turn signals…what the hell are those? 4 way stop signs seem to be incredibly confusing. constantly see people going the wrong way down one way streets (you’d think the rows of parked cars on BOTH sides of the street coming at you would be a big tip-off). they brake when getting on the freeway instead of accelerating. merging? checking blind spots before changing lanes? this doesn’t happen here. those nice orange barrels stretch from cleveland to cincinatti and for some reason people always think that a cop patrolling the street means you have to go 10 under the speed limit. one of these days i’m going to buy a giant bumper for the ole’ jeep and watch out cuz’ i’m going to start pushing!!!

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