man am i happy that we have a monarchie our queen is tha bestand she does not mess around!

I think george w should should stick his rocketshild in his ass..fucking patriot and think twice if he comes to europe..he underrestamate us.and has no intrest/respect for the EU (it will ben teh second tradeplace in the world in 10 years..

I vote yess..and it doesn’t matter if the other party win…it wil still be good to the country and EU Think global not small..
You know what i heard last time on cnn? the daugter of george w was drunk..and she is underage…so what??let her have fun ?if that’s worldnews..yuu know i’m not against us or anything but..george w talks about a rocketshild…and kids in usa are shooting each other!!!man thats sick..a gun!! never seen one and i never will see one because we don’t have them over here…well not as many!!! and yes we have a very nice drugspollacy..but he we have less adicted people to harddrugs here beacause we know that that is not the biggest problem..less crime less addicted and less crime you get with no guns and no corrupt police…last time i asked alight to a cop..for my joint…sure i have a ligjht he said..
he won.t smoke because he was on duty…

think global not small"!!!!!