Jeez! The last thing that I was thinking about when I wrote that thing was creating a political discourse. I do believe that everyone has a right to spout their opinion. I certainly find the vast majority of politicians inthis country to be utterly repugnant. This certainly includes Clinton/Gore as well as George W. It’s just that I find the Christian Right agenda, which holds a disproportionate sway in the Republican Party, to be more scary than the Democrats pablum. I mean you’re getting fucked either way.
I also think that this country gets the politicians it deserves. I can’t believe how many of MY friends don’t vote. I think that it’s every citizens duty to be well informed, and vote in EVERY election, both local and national. I’m sick of listening to people bitching about Giuliani, and then telling me that they didn’t vote. I bitch about him, but I voted against the prick TWICE!
Lastly, I would like to put my feelings at the time in context. We had just been in an accident, and we received top-notch care without sweating the bill. In our great land, that first day alone would have been about $20,000. I just think that it’s great that this is available to EVERY citizen of Sweden. I do not have health insurance. I make a middle class income, yet I have to be very careful about seeking medical services. I think that’s wrong. I feel that everyone should have unfettered access to quality healthcare and education. Then let the capitalist chips fall where thay may.