Ummmmm…..attributing the economic good standing of the US for the last 20 years (not just eight, as many want you to believe) to the Clinton administration is a complete riot. Ya think it may have had something to do with the technological revolution?? Or maybe…just maybe, the last ten years or so may have given us a "false economy" of sorts. Credit can be a very bad thing.

It cracks me up that people will bash the Reagan/Bush years as "mismanagement" while turning a blind eye to the fierce corruption which will likely put the US in great danger (China has many "rogue nation" friends in the world, ya know). Can anybody point to even a shred of competent energy policy during the Clinton administration?? I suppose folks on the left will be pointing to the huge deficit during the ’80’s…..blaming it on Reagen b/c, everybody knows, he constructed the budgets, correct?? And putting an end to the Cold War….hell, that pales in comparison to enacting "don’t ask, don’t tell" policies.

Hager……I do understand your plight. I get my friends all worked up about personal freedom, liberty and responsibility as well as pointing out how we are SEVERELY over-taxed, much of that money spent on pork-barrel projects used as leverage to get representitives elected. They agree with every word. They get mad. They get upset. Then they vote for Gore or Nader b/c "conservatives are mean." I’ve got a feeling i’m less Libertarian and more of a Conservative than you…..but I understand your point well, none the less. I’m sure you know by now that when discussing politics with a leftist, if you don’t agree with them, it’s "obviously" b/c you don’t TRULY understand, don’t follow the issues or are just plain dumb (ya know, like Harvard Business Grad GeeDub). Eh. What the hell are ya gonna do??

I’m gonna go listen to go listen to some Astrud Gilberto and have my morning cup of kitten’s blood.