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<STRONG>I know more about politics than you do. I have been following it for years. You are one of those people that swallows every bold-faced lie Clinton pissed into your hungry gaping maw without questioning a word. Fuck you. Don’t pretend you love someone you don’t know, it’s a completely ignorant thing to fool yourself about. It’s a totally Judeo-Christian lie. Grow up a bunch.</STRONG><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

At what point did I say I was a Clinton supporter? I think Clinton was a filthy, filthy liar and an adulterer and I feel God will judge him as such. I also think he was the best President we’ve had in years. The economic record alone holds that fact up. It’s a strange paradox, but it seems sometimes that the possession of one trait does not exclude the possession of another; even when it happens that the two are counteropposites.

Clinton got things running so well (following the 12 years of presidential mismanagement that was the Reagen/Bush years) that he made people not need to care about politics. It’s true, think about it. He allowed the nation to fall into such a stupor because things were running so well, that policy and political agenda became irrelative and personality and likability and other such schemantics came into play.

Politics is often cyclical, and this happens following many of our great leaders extended administrations run out. And then, after mismanagement sets in, we head back to serious leaders. It always happens.

Democrats, Republicans – yeah, there’s alot in common. Ask Nader supporters; they’ll tell you that. But the fundamental policy differences between the two are tantamount. When those become secondary to the similarites in one’s mind, then I become scared from their lack of knowledge in the political machine.

And do not think I’m a democrat hardliner. Quite the opposite. While I do support much of the DNC’s agenda, some issues I come to a serious difference on: abortion rights for example.

I live in the state of Virginia. I do not know how knowledgeable you are in Virginia politics, but it has become an entirely Republican run entity. It was not 6 years ago. In those 6 years, I have seen despicable actions. I’ve seen the passage of mandatory moments of silence for "prayer and meditation." I’ve seen movements towards allowing concealed handguns. I’ve seen zero-tolerance policies in school systems that throw out kids for no reasons. I’ve even see laws go into consideration mandating the posting of the 10 commandments in public buildings, and forcing students to recite the Pledge of Alliegence despite religious protests. I will not stand for these things.

And so, when people become greatly concerned with attitudes and behaviors and likeability of politicians instead of policy, I tend to get very annoyed. Your politics fall where they fall and I respect that, but do not tarnish the system by playing mind games claiming the two sides are more alike then different. No sir, the differences are too great.

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