I`ve had MuchMusic for 15 years and believe me it`s not as cool as you think.Sure,there is sometimes good stuff but most of the time it`s not worth watching;unless you like s club 7,brittney,n sync,backstreet boys or see blink 182 10 times a day.
When I was at my Grandparents a few years ago;they have a satellite dish and had MTV2.
On a sat. afternoon I saw videos by Shudder To Think,Stereolab,Wesley Willis,Unsane,etc.
in the evening I saw videos by Belly,My Bloody Valentine,Meat Puppets,Mercury Rev,etc. on a saturday on Much Music you would never see these artists except maybe late night.
Now i`m sure you think MTV2 is lame and I`m sure they play some lame videos too but from this canadian`s view-Much Music is not cool.
I did see the Frank Black interview a few weeks ago,that was cool,but overall,not cool.