green thumb

Excellent show, as always. J was very very mellow tonite (I mean, like, mellower than usual), but the show was still awesome of course. J came out after the show and shook hands, posed for pictures, etc. He’s still doing the acoustic/break into electric-distortion during the solos thing. He’s also recording a loop (acoustic) and letting it repeat as he jams his electric solo. During Quest, he was literally going back and forth from acoustic to "electric". Man, that was sweet! Other highlights for me had to be Get Me, Ammaring, and Alone. The Severed Lips/Wagon encore was ammazing too. I’m pretty sure he played On the Run, someone please correct me if I’m wrong about that one. I don’t think I imagined it, I love that song. Not you again was a real treat too, I’m pretty sure that was the first time I’ve ever heard that one live. The list looks alot like the Martin & Me show, for the most part. Here’s the set list as I remembered it, probably not in the correct order though:

Freedom? (one of the new songs I guess)
Blowing It
What else is new?
Get Me
Same Day
Flying Cloud
New Song??? Everybody lets me down, maybe?
Not You Again
Lung (first virse only)
On the Run

Severed Lips