I did make it to the show, and it was a very lovely night. J started off singing about freedom, ’twas a very 70s kind of vibe…then moved on to "Ammaring"…"Get Me"…and whatever the beautiful song was he played right before "Repulsion", I should probably know what it was but I was pretty far into my Corona by that point—can someone help me out with the title?…by the time he got to "Wagon" I was definitely ready to leave right after that because I was becoming too emotional to be out in public <img> Did not run into anyone from the board, but maybe next time.

The opener (Chris Brokaw) I would give a B or B+, he was good but it’s hard for one guy playing solo guitar to open for J when you know you are going to see a master with a trademark style in a few minutes. Chris just seemed a bit watered down.