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YEA!!! New Uncle Tupelo fans….I love it. I, personally, would suggest Anodyne as the best place to start b/c it’s my favorite album of all time (with Green Mind coming in a VERY close second). It’s got a FANTASTIC country-type feel to it…great lyrics, heartfelt music. Just classic.

"No Depression" is also a definate must have. "Still Feel Gone" and "March 16-20 1992" are also excellent. Bottom line is you really can’t go wrong with an UT album. Lots of folks dug ’em b/c they had kind of a punk/country influence going on….and listening now to Wilco and Son Volt, you can definately tell which UT ingredients were from Jay (Son Volt) and which are from Jeff (Wilco). Both of those bands are also excellent live. I’ve pretty much got most of what these two have done…and i’ve never regretted picking up a CD.

Welcome to the club.

Mmmmmmm….floor pie.