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~welcome aboard brady~

Catcher in the Rye really messed with my neuroses…but then Salinger is a pretty neurotic guy. Still alive, if I’m not mistaken? Hiding out somewhere? I remember hearing recently that an old girlfriend of his was auctioning off his love letters to her.

My favorite Salinger, of the few that I’ve read, was in "Nine Stories"; I think it was called "Daphne De Maurier’s Blue Period". Less depressing than Catcher, and (in my opinion) more sophisticated.

Congratulations to all you guys on your teaching pursuits/successes. I myself am a casualty of public education, & it is so refreshing to see creative and inspired people going into that field (especially language arts…way too little of that these days).

I majored in English in hs and college, because I love the language, but found that (for some reason) my English classes were the ones I enjoyed the least. And also, everyone assumed that I wanted to teach, because that was my major.

It’s tough to be a high school teacher, much less a good one, when you’re surrounded by so many people who don’t take the profession seriously.

I wish you all the best of luck…and as I said before, I think it’s RAD that the punk generation is now going into the classroom to teach! All my high school teachers were victims of soft rock.

The best to you, & again, welcome,