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Correct me if I am wrong but don’t the major lables sort of own the chain stores through marketing contracts? Therefore if what you want is a major promotional advertizing and distribution blitz you have to go to the major lables.

I believe there was promotion done by Ultimatum in independent stores and used record stores.

Didn’t they give away guitars and stuff?

But a small record lable can’t be expected to pay out the "Payola." They are supposed to actually have some integrety if they are independent arn’t they?!?!?! I was under the impression that was the reason that Dino was on Homstead and SST in the begining. It was my understanding that while Green mind got good promotion, it was released a year late becase the major lable (I forget which…) rejected Js’ mix.

I don’t know if integrety is the reason that J chose Ultimatum but their name kind of implies the same thing that the title of the album "Hand It Over" implies. Namely, give the artist their due finacially and control of thier product.

But if Free So Free is potentially popular enough to provide a payoff for the investment of payola….

Ehhh… So be it.