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<FONT> Here are the liner notes (sorry it took me so long):

More Light was recorded + mixed at Bob’s Place off and on over 9 months. A lot of the engineering was by Tim O’heir. Some Drums engineered by Phil Ek. Kevin Shields brought Andrew Wilkinson to twiddle the knobs while they were here. This was a period of about 7 weeks where Kevin was producing, playing some guitar, percussion, and singing. Thom Monahan did yet more engineering. Dan Mcloughlin and Mark Allen Miller engineered the odd day here and there. John Agnello mixed it. Bob Pollard sang on 1, 7, 8. Managed by Bill + TJ at Ripchord in friggin Maine. Thanks Steve Kaul, Marcia, Lynn and everyone I forgot.
Front cover, inside cover + layout Christiane Gude
Bat Neil Blender
J Leading Old People Pictures Phillip Virus
Dad in Hula Skirt Mike Mascis
Where’d you go mixed by Jack Joseph Puig at Ocean Way.
Mastered by Scott Hull at Classic Sound.
Thanks Dean Markly, Zildjian, Shure.
Greg Dwinell is chief overseer of Bob’s Place.

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